Sunday, July 15, 2012

My blog is MOVING!

So I think I have come to the point where my fashion blog and my personal blog are at odds with one another, and at this point in time my personal blog is losing. I spend all of my computer time nurturing The Dime Diary so it can take flight someday, and my poor family blog has been seriously neglected. I don't want to ignore my family blog, but I do realize that it is too time consuming to try and manage two different sites at the same time, so that is why I have decided it is time to merge my 2 blogs together! I have put in a considerable amount time trying to figure out how I am going to merge the 2 while still appealing to my fashion readers. I have noticed that a substantial amount of my readers come over here after visiting my other blog, and I think because of that it will be simple transition and one that makes it easier for my readers to not have to go hoping around from page to page! I have chosen to move my family blog over here and from now on you will see fashion and makeup posts as usual, mixed with my family life! I think it will be good to show my readers a more personal side of my life, and so all of you can feel like you know me a little bit more personally. I have decided to still call my blog The Dime Diary. I think the name is still very meaningful for my personal life as well as fashion related. Here we are, a young, fairly newly married couple, living life as poor college students, learning how to make it in the world. The Dime Diary is going to showcase our lives (and fashion of COURSE) the way that we live them, and I think that is great:) The switch will probably be totally complete by mid August and I will have a new design (yet again). Until then I will no longer be updating this blog and you can see The Dime Diary for all things pertaining to my personal life. I hope you are supportive of the changes I am making! I'm really excited and I hope everyone agrees! Please follow me over HERE

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